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Buds and Roses carries Bhang Chocolate: The Original Cannabis Chocolate

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We at Buds and Roses, really like Bhang Chocolates because they are so professional and they support Americans for Safe Access.

Scott Van Rixel, a well-established chocolate master, has been trained in Europe to be a chocolatier and has been making non-medicated chocolates for such retail outlets as Whole Foods. Buds and Roses Collective carries Bhang’s award-winning medicated chocolate bars.

First off is the award-winning Bhang Dark Chocolate Bar which is vegan. It’s 73.5 percent dark cocoa from South American beans harvested by farmers in a coca-to-cocoa program. Each single-dose bar has sixty milligrams of active pot ingredient THC and just under two milligrams of pain-relieving CBD and CBN.

Each whole bar has four segments, and each single-dose segment is comparable to a dose of prescription Marinol. Bhang also makes double-dose bars that are twice as strong.

Bhang Chocolates are different than most edible.

“Most people boil butter with plant material, strain, then cook with the THC-infused butter,” Rixel says. But Bhang uses a proprietary technique to extract THC from plant matter without nearly any of the “grass” taste, and does its own on-site potency testing.

The content of these bars is analytically tested 3 separate times: 1) The herb; 2) The extracted material; 3) The final product.

Bhang is elevating the production, consistency, and packaging of chocolate pot to professional levels, Rixel says.

“People will be hard-pressed to compete with our product. It’s miles away from what’s going on,” Rixel says. “I’m one of the first mainstream business people who is taking another business and applying it to the cannabis business.”

“We have a really unique opportunity to put a consistent quality product on the market for all states that allow for medical marijuana,” said Van Rixel. He also explained in a recent interview that the goal of Bhang is to “bring standards of regulation to the industry.We want to be recognized as the leader of how things should be done.”

Because Bhang will be adhering to self-imposed high production standards, Van Rixel said he hopes that will bring pressure on other producers. He also wants state and local governments to step in and adopt regulations for the medical product.

“We aren’t a bunch of stoners baking brownies somewhere in the back of a Winnebago,” he said.

Indeed, Bhang is big time corporate. The company is registered as a corporation in California and has obtained product liability insurance for its edible medical cannabis. “We are absolutely breaking new ground with this,” said Mike Aberle, with Statewide Insurance in Rancho Cordova, California. However, he said it’s not about reinventing anything.

Insuring Bhang for product liability, “is nothing different than using what is available for the food industry now, except that the policy applies to edible medical marijuana,” Aberle explained in a recent interview. While marijuana is illegal under federal law, “we’re not bound to that since insurance is regulated by the states, and we are in a state that has legalized medicinal cannabis,” the insurance broker elaborated.

So, with liability insurance in hand, Van Rixel, in concert with Dr. Martin, launched the new product September 25 at the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo in San Francisco, where the two have a booth to promote their Bhang. “This product is an amazing thing,” Dr. Martin said in an interview. “It is a panacea.”

The Bhang chocolate bar the veteran of the food industry describes as a “cure-all,” makes cannabis “medicinal instead of psychoactive,” he explained. Dr. Martin, who has done research and development for Coca-Cola and Dreyer’s Ice Cream among others, said Bhang is about relieving pain, “rather than getting high and chilling out.”

He says chocolate covered almonds and truffels will follow closely behind.

Van Rixel’s culinary infusion into medical marijuana production is a propriety blend that begins with premium Venezuelan criollo cacao. It ends up as gourmet chocolate cannabis bars made in a for-profit laboratory-kitchen located near Oakland in California. “Cocoa butter is the best way,” he said, to get the cannabis medicine to kick in to action.

A self-described entrepreneur, Van Rixel, first brought his chocolate delights to New Mexico when he opened a confection shop in 2001 in the old, abandoned county jail at Taos Plaza. In need of some help in the sales department, it wasn’t long before his younger brother Tim moved to Taos from Milwaukee, where the brothers grew up. After eight years in Taos, the two moved the chocolate business to Albuquerque, where they continued to create chocolate confections along with sorbet and gelato, sold under the brand, Van Rixel Brothers’.

Bhang’s Van Rixel continued, “the purpose of medicine is to help people, not hurt people. We are bringing standards of regulation to the industry. We want to be the leader of how things should be done. At the very least, ingredients used in medical marijuana now are not quantifiable.”

He said most of the edible medical marijuana found in dispensaries is produced by “pot growers” who use leftovers, or “shake,” from the marijuana they sell for smoking. “I have been a chocolatier all along, that’s very different than someone who buys boxes of brownie mix, throws in cannabis, bakes the stuff and sells it as medical marijuana.”

Van Rixel added his company will be putting some of the profits back into research and making medical marijuana available to patients who cannot afford it.

Buds and Roses provides Bhang products for our qualified patients ONLY. We do not manufacture or distribute Bhang Cannabis Chocolates!


16 Comments to “Buds and Roses carries Bhang Chocolate: The Original Cannabis Chocolate”

  1. Michele Williams says:

    Do you have sugar free edibles?

    • aaron says:

      Yes, We have several edibles that claim to be sugar-free or low-sugar including Kannaroo Kitchen’s low-sugar (no-sugar added) oatmeal cookies and chocolate chip cookies. Kannaroo calls these “low-sugar” as opposed to “sugar-free” because I think there are some natural sugars in the raisins and such.

      We also have Bom Shia’s “sugar-free ” carrot cake which I think also has natural sugars from the carrots in it.

      We also have Yak Capsules which are gel caps that I don’t think have any sugar in them. These caps come in sativa or indica.

      We also have Ganja Juices’s Bud Booster and coffees and teas. I don’t think the mild coffe or the tea have sugars added.

      Come on in and check out selection out.

  2. Neck Pain Dude says:

    I just had my first 3x fire chocolate. This was after I couldn’t get my shiva snax (come on feds cut it out already with making everything on earth unstable) well anyway, I been missing a lot of sleep, been stressed out by all the bad news flying by at what seems like a quickening speed and all I can say is it let me get sleep, killed my pain, made me smile and laugh about stuff I would usually blow up over, and then as it released me, it left me in a happy pain free mood, in an environment where time itself has slowed down for me. I have deadlines in my work, and was running out of time, and could think again as time literally slowed back down to allow me to work.
    At the same time I got me some pot butter, I am about a teaspoon a day guy. I see recipes for all kinds of great stuff, ingestables take time to learn for me. So I can only suggest others go slow. How bad is your pain? Do you really need 3x strength? etc, just know yourself, you don’t want to be wide awake nutting out when you were trying to sleep and kill pain.

    I love to smoke also, but smoking doesn’t kill the pain long term like these indica based high %CBD’s do for me. It does indeed kill the pain though by itself.

    I will definitely get more Bhang Chocolate for the convenience, and portability, but I have to admit I am pretty happy with the pot butter right now.

  3. Bhang makes some high quality medication. My current favorite is their triple strength ‘Ice Chocolate’ that has a bit of mint flavor. Incredibly great chocolate taste and very effective medication. — and as someone who sticks almost exclusively to eatable medication, I appreciate people who try to make the stuff taste GOOD. When can I invest ?! ; )

    • Web Admin says:

      We agree on the description of the Bhang bars!! As far as “investing” goes, it is not legal to invest in the medical cannabis, non profit, industry in CA..

  4. mo says:

    iam eating the triple strength right now. I Bhang’d today : )

  5. Dana says:

    This stuff is sooooo good! i want some!! Too bad it isnt available all over.

  6. Carol k says:

    I found this product at a dispensary in riverside that was threatened with closure. The bud tender recommended it to me and I am so very happy she did. So I bought their last three bars. I suffer with crohns disease and found this minty chocolate really did the trick for me! I eat a small piece an hour before bed, sleep through the night and wake in a really calm and happy mood. This product really works for the inflammation in my digestive system, calms everything down and allows me to feel like a normal human being, a human being without the pain and complications of disease.
    It is my hope that more dispensaries start carrying the bhang bar.
    Thank you so very much!

  7. Janet Gibson says:

    How does one order this medical cannabis dark chocolate from company? I have colon cancer and I think it will ease my pain Thanks Janet

    • Web Admin says:

      Sorry – all products are only available to legal CA residents with a medical cannabis card from their doctor. Until we can change the laws – we must work within them. We apologize and wish you healthy recovery.

  8. Web Admin says:

    It is illegal for us and any medical cannabis provider to “ship” or mail any medical marijuana to patients. I am very sorry and good luck – hopefully soon all can benefit from cannabis therapy. Working to change laws and educate the ignorant will help also!

  9. Web Admin says:

    We are waiting on and working towards legal changes so we can make our Veganic Medicine available to all. Thank-you and we hope to serve you soon!

  10. Orlando says:

    This works great at night time to relax & sleep.
    How would it work for day time use ? I only use 1/3 of one segment. Should I use the same dose for day time ?

    • Web Admin says:

      Thank-you for your feedback Orlando! It depends on which bar you are using and how much THC you find functional for daytime use. Look on the box the bar come in to see the bar total THC & CBD content. Divide that by 12 to see how much THC & CBD you are ingesting – maybe divide by 1/2 to try daytime use. If that is still to heavy, we also offer Sativa based edibles for a more uplifting daytime use. Just stop in and talk with any of the patient care specialists, we love to help! Take care :)

  11. Web Admin says:

    We carry all the flavors!

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  • Buds and Roses carries Bhang Chocolate: The Original Cannabis Chocolate
  • Buds and Roses carries Bhang Chocolate: The Original Cannabis Chocolate
  • Buds and Roses carries Bhang Chocolate: The Original Cannabis Chocolate
  • Buds and Roses carries Bhang Chocolate: The Original Cannabis Chocolate